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2022 Rocky Ford/Fowler Baseball Tournament Schedule

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Ah baseball season has returned we start off with the annual Rocky Ford/Fowler tournaments with games in Rocky Ford and Fowler Friday, with everything moving to Babcock Park in Rocky Ford Saturday. Catch the action from Rocky Ford Friday on AM1400 and from Fowler on Friday on Big Country 92.1. Here's the schedule for the weekend.

Day 1

Games at Fowler (Friday, March 18th)

Game 1: Holly Wildcats def. Fowler Grizzlies: 21-8

Game 2: Holly Wildcats def. Monte Vista Pirates: 13-3

Game 3: Monte Vista Pirates def. Fowler Grizzlies: 15-6

Day 2

Games in Rocky Ford (Saturday, March 19th)

Game 1: Limon Badgers def. Rocky Ford Meloneers: 14-0

Game 2: Limon Badgers def. Holly Wildcats: 9-1

Game 3: Limon Badgers def. Dayspring Christian Eagles: 13-4

Game 4: Dayspring Christian Eagles def. Rocky Ford Meloneers: 6-3

Game in Fowler (Saturday, March 19th)

Game 1: Monte Vista Pirates def. Dayspring Christian Eagles: 12-9

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