• Anne Boswell Taylor

Here are some of the stories we covered for you today in Southeast Colorado

(La Junta, CO) -- A Rocky Ford man who was on trial for the death of his wife will do three years probation and 90 days in jail. Yesterday---Justin Schneider was placed on 3 years-probation with standard terms and conditions. He was also ordered to do 90 days jail but was granted a furlough on the jail sentence until June 7. Wendy Schneider died in December of 2018. Justin Schneider’s jury returned a verdict of guilty of criminally negligent homicide during the trial in March.

(La Junta, CO) -- Get ready for rising gas prices after a cyberattack forced a major pipeline to shut down. Triple-A expects to see a three-to-seven cent increase this week. Drivers in California are already paying the most at $4.10 while Mississippi is the cheapest to fill up at $2.61. Triple A Travel forecasts a rebound for travel for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday -- with Denver the fourth most popular road trip destination. Triple A expects 692,000 Coloradoans plan to travel over the Memorial Day weekend. Of those travelers, 642,000 will make road trips. Colorado Springs ranks fifth behind Denver as the most popular destination for airfare, hotel and car rentals.

(Colorado Springs, CO) -- The Affordable Housing Collaborative is telling Colorado Springs City Council that the lack of available affordable housing in the city is at "crisis level." The group spoke to council Monday, providing in-depth research to back up their claim. Affordable housing is defined as housing that costs less than 30-percent of a person's or household's annual income. Factors contributing to the current crisis, the AHC says, are population growth, housing availability, increased cost of building materials, and more.


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