• Anne Boswell Taylor

Here are some stories we are covering for you in Southeast Colorado

Updated: May 9

(Las Animas, CO) -- A man who is set to go to a jury trial for the death of his mother will be back in court in Bent County this afternoon. Robert Inlow’s status conference is set for 1:00. He’s been in the Bent County jail since January of 2018 on murder charges. Today’s trip to court is to see if both sides are ready to move forward to a trial.

(Orway, CO) -- Crowley County commissioners recently met with Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar about the fight to keep private prisons. Crowley county Commissioner Roy Elliot says he’s familiar with what happens when a major contributing factor to the local economy is affected. Elliot says while interest to close the private prisons has waned, he feels it’s because an earlier study wasn’t truly read. He also says the study of economic impact to the community revealed the possible devastating effects of closing a private prison. There are two counties in Southeast Colorado that would be affected should the private prisons close, Crowley and Bent. Legislators had brought a bill that would study impacts of closing the privately run correctional facilities to have the state manage them.


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