• Anne Boswell Taylor

Keep Colorado Wild Park Pass Bill, Senate Bill 249

(Denver, CO) --

The next time you register your vehicle you might be getting more than you asked for. Senate Bill 249 passed the House on a third reading yesterday. The Keep Colorado Wild Park Pass bill would automatically add a park pass fee onto your vehicle registration unless you opt out. Representative Richard Holtorf says that’s not the right way to do things. The bill passed through but not before Representative Rod Pelton tried to add an amendment that would mean folks would need to opt in, not out. According to the bill’s fiscal note the Colorado Parks and Wildlife must develop a new annual pass, called the Keep Colorado Wild Pass, which will be provided to individuals upon paying a fee assessed during vehicle registration. It must begin in 20-23. The commission is also required to set a reduced pass fee for income-eligible households. County Clerk and Recorders, who register vehicles on behalf of the Department of Revenue (DOR), are authorized to retain a portion of the fee revenue sufficient to cover costs associated with collecting and transmitting the fee.


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