• Anne Boswell Taylor

La Junta Schools update

This is the week to talk about Air Conditioning. And as you’re enjoying yours, La Junta Schools are negotiating upgrades to theirs. Superintendent Rick Lovato says they’ve been working on a grant to improve the air quality in the schools. Lovato says also a part of the grant is a request to add more buses. He says right now they’ve sent the grant back for approval, recommendations will be made and sent back and the grant will be returned. Even with the back and forth, Lovato feels it’s looking good to receive it and once they do work can begin.

And workers in the East Otero School District can soon expect a little more in their paychecks. Superintendent Lovato says he hopes it will help as the consumer price index keeps inching upward. Lovato says they’re hiring right now too. They are always needing para professionals and substitute teachers.

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