• Anne Boswell Taylor

Large Buildings to Possibly have to report Energy Use Under Bill

(Denver, CO) -- When bills are on their second reading on the House floor, there’s time for discussion and to add amendments to change the bill. Yesterday, lawmakers attempted to add those amendments for approval on the Energy Performance for Buildings bill. Representative Marc Catlin says it could hurt rural areas very much. The bill would require owners of large buildings to collect and report their energy usage in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It would require owners of large buildings to pay a 100-dollar fee each year and would fine violators of energy use standards up to five-thousand dollars per incident. Representative Mark Baisley says the bill is bent toward allowing a pass for government but not for private industry and small businesses. One amendment that would exempt airplane hangers was lost. All five amendments brought yesterday were lost or failed. The bill moves on now to the senate. All other bills and actions scheduled yesterday were laid over to today. ###

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