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Local leaders and Law Enforcement Search Hard for a Solution to House Otero County Inmates.

(Las Animas, CO) -- At a recent meeting with county commissioners from both Bent and Otero county, Otero county Sheriff Shawn Mobley hid nothing about the fact his jail has been falling apart. When plans for a jail rebuild fell apart due to Covid, he was looking for an option. Mobley is hoping he can continue to take his inmates to the Bent County jail as it's the closest facility. But because the Otero County jail needs so much repair, Sheriff Mobley and Bent County Sheriff Jake Six are trying to work out a deal to take all of them to Bent County. Because closing the Otero county jail and using Bent County's jail would mean more occupancy, Sheriff Six is now asking his commissioners to approve funding for five more jail staff. He says it's important to be able to keep his staff from getting burned out and it's vital for safety of the staff with adding Otero's inmates. Sheriff Six says the money received from Sheriff Mobley to house his inmates could pay for the increase in his budget, in fact it would cancel it out according to Sheriff Six’s calculations. There will be more meetings to work out details. As of late last night there were still more questions. Sheriff Six invites commissioners to audit the preliminary budget work he's done on the potential costs. Because budgets will be due soon, a deadline of September 17th has been mentioned.

note: The Bent County Jail has information available online and can be viewed at https://bentjail.com/


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