National Popular Vote to go to ballot in Colorado

After lawmakers passed a bill last session, allowing Colorado's votes to go to the winner of the national popular vote, petitioners got busy. Now, it is going to a vote of the people in November.

There are enough verified signatures on a petition to allow the voters to decide whether or not they want Colorado's vote in the Presidential election to side with the national popular vote. According to the Secretary of State's website, the question will look like this.

“Shall the following Act of the General Assembly be approved: An Act concerning adoption of an agreement among the states to elect the President of the United States by national popular vote, being Senate Bill No. 19-042?”

Secretary of State Jenna Griswold released the information today as follows: On August 1, 2019, the proponents submitted 228,832 signatures. After reviewing a 5% sample of the submitted signatures, the projected number of valid signatures is greater than 110% of the total number required. Referendum proponents are required to gather signatures equal to 5% of the total votes cast in the previous Secretary of State General Election contest, which is 124,632.

So, you will get to vote on this in November.

Graphic, Colorado

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