• Anne Boswell Taylor

Senate Bill 21-087 Agricultural Workers' Rights

(Denver, CO) -- Agricultural worker rights and protections. According to text in the fiscal note, this bill grants agricultural workers the right to organize and join labor unions, engage in collective bargaining and strike. They are entitled to have meal breaks and rest periods, and have visitors at employer-provided housing. It provides aggrieved employees, whistleblowers, and service providers ways to seek remedies and enforcement actions. Most agricultural workers are currently exempt from state and local minimum wage laws and overtime pay. This bill removes that exemption, and requires that wages be adjusted annually for cost of living, and that overtime pay be established.

You can watch the discussion and follow along at 9am Thursday, May 20th at this link: https://www.coloradochannel.net/watch-meetings/?tab=tab-2

Text above taken from the bill's fiscal note


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