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Who is Aaron Leiker?

Does the name sound familiar? Aaron was the midday host on Thunder Country 92.1, now he gets you through that second half of your work day on Lightning 1400. But enough of the past, who is Aaron Leiker?

  • When not doing radio, what do you do in your free time?

    • "I enjoy the outdoors. I like to get out and walk or bike. I have the ambition to train as a runner for a 10K or half marathon. I am also very involved with my church with various organizations and ministries."

  • What drew you to the radio business?

    • "I am naturally outgoing and loud. I got a call my freshmen year of high school to intern for KVAY in Lamar. I started doing some sports broadcasting for them and was hooked."

  • ​If you could have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    • "Enchiladas. I love enchiladas--particularly either ground beef or cheese with onion."

  • What's one place you've always wanted to go visit and why?​

    • "The Holy Land. I would love to walk the steps that Christ did and experience the places where the early church was started."​

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