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A golden rock with a radio and saint patrick's day theme
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Search for the Blarney Stone

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Leprechauns have taken away our precious Blarney Stone and it's up to you to find it! If you discover where it is hidden, you receive $1,000. Clues are given out to select businesses daily, with exclusive clues at specific locations. You must visit all locations to have the best chance at finding our stone. Follow the clues and find our Blarney Stone!

Must be 18 years old or older to win. 1 win per person.​​

2024 Clues

Photo of Carol Russell and Alex Reed holding the Blarney Stone
Photo of Carol Russell and Gary Reed holding the $1,000 check.
Photo of the Blarney Stone with the tower behind it
Photo of the Manzanola Train Depot, where the stone was Found
Photo of the stone in its hiding spot, in the bush.

2023 Clues

Brian Keahey holding the $1,000 check with Robin Reed and Monica
Photo of the 2023 blarney stone, a rock painted gold
Photo of the 2023 blarney stone hiding spot, under a rock
Photo of the rock the blarney stone was under, in the La Junta disc golf course
Photo of the Course
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