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5a-6a: Rural Route Radio


Rural Route Radio is hosted by Trent Loos of Central Nebraska with a simple mission to connecting Rural and Urban America.Trent works hard at addressing the issues that could challenge access to food and energy for everyday citizens not only from the USA but around the world. 

6a to 8a: Morning Rush with Randy Ray


He's here to get you to that 8 to 5 that you love to hate. Randy Ray gets your morning started with the greatest hits and other fun things. You'll find out whos celebrating a birthday, find out about happenings in the Arkansas Valley and just about whatever else comes to his head. You never know what will come out of his mouth, so you better tune in every day. 

8:25a-9a: This, That, and the Other


TTO is the Arkansas Valley's longest running radio program. TTO focuses on brining local people to you through community interviews.  You will hear from local governmental leaders, community volunteers, event planners, non-profit administrators, educators, and more.  If you have something to let the Arkansas Valley know about, e-mail Randy at randy@lajuntaradio.com.

9a-12p: Midday Mashup with Randy Ray


Already hearing that stomach growl? Just want that clock to move a little faster to that noon lunch hour? Randy Ray has you covered as he plays the greatest hits and gives you information about happenings in the Arkansas Valley. Find out weird news, top 5 lists and see what kind of trouble he can get into.

12p-5p: Afternoons with Aaron


The work day is almost over and he's going to get you through the final stretch. Join Aaron as he plays the greatest hits and gives you some useful knowledge of happenings in the Arkansas Valley. Or listen in for "Good News for the Soul".