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6:00 a.m.: Around the Valley


The name says it all.  Around the Valley gets your day started by bringing you details on everything happening across the region.  Randy Ray Robinson brings you local news and sports.  Day Weather lets you know what to expect weather wise.  Barn Media and the Ag Info Network updates you on happenings in the agriculture industry.  

Youth Club Meeting

8:15 a.m.: This, That, and the Other


TTO is the Arkansas Valley's longest running radio program. TTO focuses on brining local people to you through community interviews.  You will hear from local governmental leaders, community volunteers, event planners, non-profit administrators, educators, and more.  If you have something to let the Arkansas Valley know about, e-mail Randy at randy@25-7media.com.


9:00 a.m.: Rural Route Radio


Rural Route Radio is hosted by Trent Loos of Central Nebraska with a simple mission to connecting Rural and Urban America.Trent works hard at addressing the issues that could challenge access to food and energy for everyday citizens not only from the USA but around the world. 

On Air Sign

10:15 a.m.: Local Programming


Tuesday (Triple R Recap): Join Randy Ray with a look back at the previous weeks' sports action. 

Wednesday (Valley Trader): Buy, sell or trade your stuff on the radio!

Friday (Twistin' Wrenches): Join Randy Ray and Mark Sarlo as they talk about automotive happenings. Call in with your DIY questions.