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Contests and Promotions

A golden rock with a radio and saint patrick's day theme

The Search for the Blarney Stone

Leprechauns take away our precious Blarney Stone and it's up to you to find it! If you discover where it is hidden, you receive $1,000. Clues are given out to select businesses daily, with exclusive clues at specific locations. You must visit all locations to have the best chance at finding our stone. Follow the clues and find our Blarney Stone! 

The 92.1 Pounds of Cash

The 92.1 Pounds of Cash is a jar of cash and its your job to figure out how much much money is inside!


How much do you think is in the Jar?

You can make your guess once a day at each participating location. You must have the closest guess - WITHOUT GOING OVER! 

If you guess the correct amount, or are the closet without going over, you win all of the cash in the jar!

a jar of coins and cash with a radio
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