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Who is Robin?

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Robin is the co-owner of Signs and Designs in Rocky Ford. She's creative, outgoing and an all-around fun person to be around. Need a laugh?  Robin's is the go-to-person. Let's take a deeper look into who Robin is....

  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

    • "I've lived everywhere Man. I've breathed the mountain air, I've crossed the desert square Man. Seriously, Colorado, Kansas, Wisconsin, D.C., Miami, back East and out West I've called them all my home at some point and traveled to so many more places both in the States and outside our borders. I think Southeast Colorado beats them all as a place to call HOME. It'll do quite perfectly. Travel? I'd like to go to where the Enlightenment period started Italy, during the Renaissance. Why? Because that's when and where humans began to understand the world around them. Learning, Governance, and Art flourished. Human rights, property ownership, the beginning of the economics and the birth of the ideas that would eventually become the United States of America"

  • ​If you could only watch one movie or television show for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    • "Hands down, "The Princess Bride". I had a VCR tape (yes, that's right, a VCR tape!) of "The Princess Bride" that I had played so many times in the background that I didn't realize the sound had slipped from the video by a few seconds, until a friend pointed it out. The VCR tape final died due to overuse. Remember, "Never fight a land war in Asia!"

  • Who is your most listened to artist?

    • "Tough one. Maybe unanswerable!!! Raised on Country and Hill Music, went to Lallapaloosa, saw The Dead more times than I can count, LOVE Miami and all the music mash ups that are so prevalent there. Ugh! Impossible question!!!

  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor?​

    • "Gelato. Which isn't ice cream. Is there a flavor I wouldn't try? Maybe 'Fresh Cow Pie with Fly sprinkles'."​

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